Anyone can experience violence from someone they are close to

We talk to women every day who are victims of violence. It can be violence from a boyfriend, an ex-boyfriend or a family member. There are many forms of violence and they can be difficult to see. Is there something in your life that feels wrong?

When staying at a women’s shelter

A women’s shelter is a temporary home that is safe. You can stay here in peace for a while. There are professionals who will help you say no to violence. If you have children, there will also be room for them.

“I got plenty of time to calm down when I moved in. There is no pressure right from the start … You get plenty of time.”

Woman, 32 years

“In this place, you are not invisible. People look you in the eye…there are people who will listen to you.”

Woman, 50 years

“In the beginning, it was not me. I was just a dead body walking around. Kvindehjemmet gave me my life back.”

Woman, 31 years

“I have learned that I do not want to go back to what I was experiencing … I will make my own decisions, and no one else can tell me what to do.”

Woman, 41 years

“I got help to return to my education, which I was forced to stop because of the violence.”

Woman, 27 years

“All those things with the papers, welfare and child support: It all got taken care of when I moved in.”

Woman, 38 years

Kvindehjemmet is Denmark’s largest women’s shelter. We offer women and children a safe refuge in the heart of Copenhagen and help to make a new beginning, free from violence.

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