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    Voldsudsat kvinde står ved et træ med solen i ansigtet

Greater insight within the organisation and out in the world

At Kvindehjemmet, we welcome the growing interest for measuring effects and documentation of results. We believe that a well-considered documentation protocol and the use of evaluations will help to improve the quality of our programs. We are working on projects and methods to improve the quality of our work internally and, at the same time, we are working to give the world a better understanding of our client group and the special kind of work that is done at a women’s shelter. On this page, you can see statistics and read more about current projects.

Key metrics (2018)

73 women stayed at Kvindehjemmet in 2018

Half of the women moved in with one or more children. The majority of the women moving in (42) was between the age 31 to 40 years old. The second largest age group was women between 21 to 30 years.

54 children stayed at Kvindehjemmet in 2018

The majority of the children moving out in 2018 had either witnessed and/or overheard emotional abuse against their mother (77 percent).



The vast majority of enquiries was from women who had been victims of violence (60 percent). Kvindehjemmet has room for 36 women with and without children. In 2018 the occupancy was 99,7 percent.

  • 57 percent of the women moving in had a Danish citizenship
  • 43 percent of the women moving in had a foreign citizenship

of the women moving in had been subjected to emotional abuse

9 in 10 women had experienced physical violence and around 1 in 3 suffered from sexual violence. Material and financial violence was present in around half of the cases.

1 in 4 of the women moving in had been in the violent relationship between 5-10 years

In 88 percent of the cases the perpetrator was a current partner. The majority of the perpetrators had a Danish citizenship (67 percent).


Research project on women at women’s shelters

Kvindehjemmet is participating in a research project together with the women’s shelter Danner and the University of Southern Denmark. The aim of the project is to examine the consequences of violence for women staying at a shelter and follow their development during and after their stay. The data is collected by means of a questionnaire which the participating women fill out.

The form consists of several standardised and validated psychological tests and can, among other things, reveal how many of the women had symptoms of PTSD and complex PTSD. The study is led by Ask Elklit, professor at the University of Southern Denmark (Videnscenter for Psykotraumatologi). The project runs from 2018 until, and including, 2020, and is being financed by Offerfonden (the Victims’ Fund).

A new tool for dialogue and measurement

Kvindehjemmet is about to implement a new progress and conversation tool that is called Empowerment Star. The tool has been developed by the company Outcomes Star and is specifically designed for women who have been victims of violence. Empowerment Star is a visual tool that puts the woman’s own assessment and development at the centre.


“Data from the star indicate the effect of our work on the individual woman and on a cross section of our residents.”

Mette Melby Bak, deputy manager of Kvindehjemmet

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