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Are you living in a violent relationship or know someone who does? We can help you.

Due to the risk of spreading coronavirus, we want as many as possible to call or email us beforehand.

Call us

You can call Kvindehjemmet anonymously at 35 81 98 45 or the national hotline at 1888. We are ready to help women, relatives and professionals 24/7.

Write us

You can also send us an email. One of our counsellors will answer you within 2-3 days. Please note, that we do not respond during weekend and holidays. The email is hotline@kvindehjemmet.dk.

All other enquiries must be sent to kvh@kvindehjemmet.dk

Visit us

If you cannot call or email us beforehand, visit us at our address: Jagtvej 153 b, 2200 København N.

Some good advices

  • Pack a back so you are ready to leave your home quickly (see what you may pack here)
  • Remember to delete your search browsing history and sent email, if you feel like your phone or computer is being monitored (see this guide)
  • If you are in acute danger, always call the police at 112.

We also help women, who do not move into a shelter

Kvindehjemmet also counsel women through the project Sig det til nogen. This might be for you, who do not need to move into a shelter, but still need help to live a life without violence. Read more about the project (English counselling available) or call us at 35 81 98 45 if in doubt about what is best for you.

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You can call us 24/7

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