• Children at Kvindehjemmet

    A stay at a women’s shelter can be a help for you and your children.

    Voldsudsat dreng i park smiler

Children can sense what is going on

Many women will do everything they can to keep their children from seeing or hearing the violence. But children are very good at sensing that something is wrong. Even when they are little. And they have often seen, heard or sensed more than you think. By saying no to violence, you can help your child. By moving to a women’s shelter, for instance.


“Before we got here, I was worried about whether I could take care of my children in a place like that. But when we arrived, I was surprised that the house and our room was bright and friendly. The people who were living here were completely normal people.”

Mother with two children

This is what children are saying

Tegning af Kvindehjemmets facade med dreng udenfor

“In the beginning, I really only wanted to go home. But the longer I stayed here, the more I understood that what you are used to is not always best for you.”

Girl, 17 years

“You have your own bed and room, and no one can just go in there and that is great.”

Girl, 6 years

“When I got here, I was mad at my mom and dad because they were fighting every day. I was a little sad. It made me feel good to be in Børnetræet.”

Boy, 13 years

“If you are sad, you can talk about it with Børnetræet. That helps.”

Girl, 5 years

“Before we moved to the shelter, I had to take care of my mom. That was my job.”

Boy, 11 years

“When my mom said we had to move to Kvindehjemmet, I felt very bad about it. I did not know what ‘Kvindehjemmet’ meant. I do now, and I am very happy that I can stay here.”

Girl, 14 years

Children need to talk about it

Violence has a strong effect on children. Children who are living with violence are often more worried than other children and may have many different reactions. Some respond by becoming easily afraid, sad, or introverted. Others respond by becoming more unruly and angry, and by acting out. Many children believe that the violence is their fault.

At Kvindehjemmet, you and your children will get the help you need to talk about why you are at a women’s shelter. If you move in without your children, you will get help to figure out how to be there for them even though they are not living with you.


Børnetræet is our name for Kvindehjemmet’s program for mothers and children. Since 1996 we have developed methods to talk about violence in a language that is suitable for children. The aim is to reduce the effects of violence on the individual child. Børnetræet will always work closely with the child’s mother. There are three counsellors employed in Børnetræet.

Short film about living at a women’s shelter, told by children

The film is produced by Mikrofilm AS in collaboration with a Norwegian women’s shelter in Salten. Instructor: Robin Jensen. For more information, look here.

Contact us – 24/7. Together we can figure out what is best for you and your children.

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