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    Do you work with people and do you have extra energy?

    Voldsudsat kvinde står ved nogle siv og kigger ud

Your help is appreciated

At Kvindehjemmet, we have volunteers helping. Some are here for a short time and others get involved for longer. What our volunteers have in common is that they like to work with people and want to make a difference for women and children who are vulnerable.

Just now, we have the following people helping us:

  • A body therapist
  • A yoga instructor
  • A foot therapist
  • A nail artist
  • The women’s network “Qnet” under the Red Cross.

Contact us

If you want to use your expertise to work with vulnerable women and/or children who are victims of violence, then please contact us, and let us get together and discuss the possibilities.

Please note that all our volunteers are unpaid.

Write to us at kvh@kvindehjemmet.dk. We will try to respond to your mail within a couple of days.

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